It is often said that life is not about the things that happen to you but instead the grace with which you handle them. Pamela is an actress I met online, then in person, then cast in a movie. When I think of Pamela Jansen, I immediately think of two words: grace and fearlessness.

Grace because she is a model for all who struggle with any of life’s unexpected challenges, no matter how large or small. Fearlessness because of her willingness to charge into life’s unknown adventures, fully aware that the experience of living is the ultimate gift.

Pamela’s story is inspiring, her courage outstanding. Despite the fact that on a night nearly 30 years ago, she wasn’t expected to live through until morning, her life changed forever.

Pamela never lets “what happened” define her. She has defined herself!

She is the blonde who raises cane and I can’t imagine a more delightful storyteller to spend some time with.

Enjoy the gift that is this book by Pamela Jansen. Consider yourself blessed for having had the opportunity to get to know her a little better. Remember that every day is a gift. And know that everything that “happens” in life is an opportunity to display your own fearless grace.

Foreword by Bonnie Gillespie
Cricket Feet Casting
Hollywood, California 2008